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Ternopil National V. Hnatiuk Pedagogical University is a higher education institution with the status of a national in Ternopil, successor of a number of educational institutions of XVII - XIX centuries.
The University has six academic buildings, training and production workshops, training complex, botanical and entomological reserve of national importance, agrobiostation, sports camp. It owns 6 campus dormitories, student recreation center, 2 dining rooms, 2 student cafes, hotel rooms for foreign teachers and students, a sanatorium.
At the university there are:

  • Institute of Pedagogy and Psychology.
  • Art Institute.
  • Department of Geography.
  • Department of Foreign Languages.
  • Engineering Department.
  • Department of History.
  • Department of Physical Education.
  • Department of Physics and Mathematics.
  • Department of Philology.
  • Chemical and Biological Department.

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