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Sumy National Agrarian University founded in 1977 and became well-known in Ukraine and also got international recognition. Sumy NAU presents wide opportunities and supplies all the conditions necessary for getting higher education. Nowadays SNAU centre comprises 6 colleges and 5 educational and external centres. More than 10,000 students study at our University. 38 doctors, professors and 261 candidates of sciences and associate professors work at the University. Students may get the degrees of Bachelor, Specialist and Master.
The university created all necessary conditions for highly-qualified specialists training. For the studentsۥ practical training there is an academic and scientific production laboratory (vivarium), where the live-stock and poultry are kept. It's a kind of the live tutorial for veterinarians, live-stock experts and other specialists of the SNAU. Also, there is proper training and research farm with the land for cultivation about 533 ha, an experimental field, that is served by the group of the mechanical engineers with the help of the system machinery for processing of agricultural crops based on advanced technologies. On the territory of the university there are educational and research laboratories with the unique equipment almost for all areas of the agricultural sector. There is an institute of potato growing, a veterinarian clinics and laboratories of apiculture, aviculture etc.

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