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Kyiv State Institute of Applied Arts and Design named after Mychailo Boichuk has been created in December, 1999 on the basis of the Kyiv art-industrial technical school. But it is impossible to consider the institute «young», as there are ancient traditions of Ukrainian national art in its basis. The family tree of the institute begins with Nikolay Murashko's drawing school, the Kiev art school (1900-1920) and the Kiev school of the applied art (1938-1957), which became the first professional school for such masters of Ukrainian art, as Nikolai Pimonenko, Alexander Murashko, Ivan Jizhakevich, Foty Krasnitsky, the Cassimere Malevich, and later Alexander Arhipenko and Ivan Kavaleridze, Anatole Petritsky and Alexander Ekster and artists-boychukists Ivan Padalka and Vasil Sedljar. The first winner of the award of Katerina Bilokur M.Timchenko, People’s artist of Ukraine M.Primachenko, I.Skitsjuk, I.Gonchar, T.Pata, M.Muha, P.Glushchenko, M.Vovk, P.Vlasenko, O.Kulik and many others are involved in foundation and educational institution development. The original Ukrainian artistic school of applied art and design, which is the foundation of modern Ukrainian culture, is claimed within the walls of the institute.
Rich creative experience convey to students the People's Artist of Ukraine, academician of the National Academy of Architecture of Ukraine Lyudmyla Zhogol, academician of the Academy of Arts of Ukraine, winner of National Prize of Ukraine Taras Shevchenko Vladimir Distaff, People's Artist of Ukraine, winner of the literary and art prize named after Nechuy-Levitsky, Honored Artist of Ukraine, Professor Peter Pechorny, People's Artists of Ukraine, Professors Sergei Nechiporenko, Nikolai Popov, Nikolai Stratilat, Honored Artist of Ukraine Natalia Litovchenko, Sergei Odaynyk, Oksana Poltavets-Huyda, M. Bilyk, Julius Skakandi, Valery Fedichev, Honored Artist of Ukraine, Prof. Nina Veligotskaya, Elena Vladimirova, Valentin Sergeyev, Leonid Sotnik, Vasil Chebanyk. By the way, for two years an unique festival «Ruthenia», which covers art of calligraphy of East, Asia, Latin West, Ukraine and Russia is conducted at the institute. Works of students and professors are kept by museums of Germany, Australia, USA, Canada, Italy, Poland, Romania, Russia, Hungary, Japan, Syria, Czech Republic and other countries. Professors and graduates are authors of numerous works of art which adorn the interiors of palace "Ukraine", National Library named after V.I Vernadsky, Kyiv railway station, subway station "Golden Gate", "Minsk", metro Khreschatyk (ceramic panels), the Kiev Museum of Medicine (triptych "Famine"). Among the professors are the ones who participated in the revival of sacred Kiev: St. Michael's Golden-Domed Cathedral, Assumption Cathedral of Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, Monument to Princess Olga, Yaroslav the Wise, authors of monuments to Vladislav Gorodetsky, Leonid Bykov, park sculptures.

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