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Studying abroad can become the most interesting experience in your life. Going to another country, living in another culture, getting education abroad in multicultural surroundings - all this is an unforgettable experience.

Welcome to Ukraine!

The Ukrainian International Education Council serves as a resource and advising center that provides informational and advising assistance to individuals and different organizations regarding opportunities to study in Ukraine.

Situated in the capital of Ukraine - Kyiv, the Ukrainian International Education Council strives to comprehensively assist in establishing and strengthening international academic contacts of the region in order to ensure its overall development and scientific potential.

Since 1999, the Ukrainian International Education Council has been dedicated to advancing professional standards for higher education in Ukraine, while expertly supporting our students through the transition from high school to university. The UIEC is certified organization with a group of dynamic and experienced management staff.

Started with the concept to help students efficiently, quickly and successfully to gain admission to top universities and to make every aspiring student’s dream come true, the Ukrainian International Education Council has developed a strict set of ethical guidelines that govern the actions in relationships with students and families, with academies, universities and colleges. These guidelines include the responsibility to understand every student’s special strengths, values and needs. All members of the Ukrainian International Education Council strictly follow these principles of good practice.

Our mission is to offer students the expert guidance in order to obtain excellent knowledge and skills to be successful at the international job market.

Whatever your reason to study abroad is, we are sure that your decision will be the best choice of your life!

Education in Ukraine

Ukrainian International Education Council
Mykhailo Iziumskyi

One day, a famous entrepreneur had to take his little son to his work for a few hours. In order to entertain his child, he took out one page from a magazine, where was a map of the world, and cut it into lots of small pieces, making some kind of a “puzzle”.

But to his surprise, the kid coped with the task very fast. The son explained to his father, that on the back side of the paper there was a big photo of a man. "I’ve just collected it together! If a person is fine - the whole world will also be in order" – the child resumed.

All countries, all nations of the world are aspiring for development, prospect and progress. The only way to achieve it – is human development. With every individual, we have to work as if the future of their nation, their country, and of the whole world depends on them. On this path, we have to strive for cooperation, understanding and respect, realizing the value of each person on the planet!

The mission of Ukrainian International Education Council – is to build a better world by creating a better future of each individual! This goal was initially set by the founder, and permanent president of our organization, who always cares about inalterability of this policy.

We are glad that our values correspond with the general policy course of the Ukrainian government in the field of education, which is successfully put into practice by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. There already exist evident results of realizing this strategy, a lot is still to be done, and our organization is aiming at development of effective cooperation with the Ministry in this direction.


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