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“Holi” took place in Ukraine once again.

A regular festival of colors “Holi” was held in Kharkiv, a city in the East of Ukraine, in March. Such events in increasing frequency are held in different cities of our country and show the interest of Ukrainians in the cultures of the other countries, as well as their hospitability and tolerance. In the first warm days of spring, citizens of Ukraine of all nationalities try to spend more time outdoors, and, of course, enjoy the opportunity to take part in an interesting and bright event in the open air.

On the 22nd of March, hundreds of people visited a traditional festival of Indian culture “Holi”, which is celebrated in honor of the incoming spring. It is celebrated during 2 days (usually in the end of March – at the beginning of April) at the full moon. In our multicultural country, where lots of different cultures, languages, gods and religions, traditions and customs peacefully coexist together, there are a lot of various celebrations, however “Holi” is unique in its own way. It is dedicated to the god of love Kamadeve, whose bow, according to the traditional Hindu iconography is made of sugar-cane, arrows are made of flower stems and string is a swarm of buzzing bees. Initially, “Holi” is a festival of colors, where everyone plays, chases and colours each other with dry powder and coloured water, with some carrying water guns and coloured water-filled balloons for their water fight. Ukrainians take an active interest in the cultures of all nationalities around the world, they are glad to meet guests from different countries and celebrate amity and togetherness of all people, and to enrich their culture in such a way.



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