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The Ukrainian government provides scholarships for foreign students to ensure their studies at national universities. Though, the list of countries whose citizens can claim for such scholarship is limited: Ukraine must have an appropriate intergovernmental agreement with the student’s homeland. Moreover, the student must be directed to study in Ukraine by the government of his home country.

On the other hand, the Ukrainian International Education Сouncil has initiated its own scholarship and grant programs for foreign students, in order to help them to get education in Ukraine!

Such programs are aimed at two categories of the students.

The first category is gifted young people, prospective university students, who are capable of becoming outstanding specialists in different fields of knowledge.

The second category includes school leavers from poor countries, who have a complicated financial situation, but are highly motivated to study, and are diligent and hardworking.

Scholarships and grants are meant to fully or partially reimburse the student’s education fees for the chosen university and speciality. The decision of providing a scholarship or grant is taken by the UIEC, after considering the applicant’s documents.

Also, a scholarship or grant can be provided to a student, who has successfully completed one or more semesters, who has shown diligence and good behavior, proved to be an active participant in the student’s life and who is facing some financial difficulties with the paying for the further studies.

Some grant and scholarship programs are developed by offsetting the demands of graduates from different countries and are implemented by our representatives in these countries. We are open to consideration and implementation of such local programs in the countries, where they haven’t been put into practice yet.

At the moment, dozens of foreign students have already received or are receiving scholarships and grants from the Ukrainian International Education Council. A rule of thumb states that such students are noted to be more diligent, prove to be leaders in the student society, pursue to high achievements in studies, as well as in other fields of activity (art, sport, volunteering etc.)

The UIEC sets a high value on each graduate or student, who is really striving for knowledge. We understand the problems and difficulties, people from different corners of the world undergo, but we believe, financial difficulties shouldn’t be a barrier on the way to a better future of an individual, who undoubtedly deserves it!

Ukrainian Universities and representatives of the Ministry of education and science of Ukraine highly value the achievements of our scholarship and grant programs. They are grateful for the students, they can be proud of, and who will be the best advertisement of the Ukrainian education in the world in days to come!

We want to be proud of our humble contribution to formation of the participants of our grant and scholarship programs, who will undoubtedly play an active role in the development of the society and economy of their homeland due to high-quality education they obtained in Ukraine.

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