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  • Informing about the student’s academic progress (grades), attendance of classes, behavior in the hostel (according to the information, obtained from the representatives of the university and the company’s management, who are responsible for the correspondent university).
  • Representing the parents’ interests at university: settlement of conflicts and disputes, assertion of the student’s rights and interests.
  • Informing about the possibilities of student internships, exchange programs etc in other countries, assistance in processing the documents.
  • Informing and guidance in transferring of students in the universities of Ukraine, to Ukraine from universities of other counties and vice versa, assistance in processing the documents.
  • Translation of texts, documents, notarization and legalization of the documents.
  • Representing the student’s interests on behalf of his or her parents in the governmental bodies of Ukraine:  legal support, conducting of negotiations, assistance in processing, re-issuance and renewing of the documents.
  • Assistance in resolving of financial and material questions: if necessary - assistance in transferring funds and things to students, university fees and other corresponding expenses.
  • Assistance to parents, who are willing to come to Ukraine in order to visit their child, check his/her educative process at university, conveniences and other conditions of his/her staying in Ukraine.
  • Providing of the statistical, reference and other information concerning the system of higher education in Ukraine, residence in the country and the status of foreign residents etc.
  • Security inspection of the student’s initiatives concerning job placement, entrepreneurship, volunteering, membership in different organizations, participation in internships, personal relations with the citizens of Ukraine and foreign citizens, residing on its territory.
  • Providing the possibility to participate in the “UIEC parents' association”: a body, that consists of students’ parents, and which has a great influence on the organization’s activity.
  • Assistance and control of providing medical help to students, informing parents of the student’s health. 


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