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Congratulate you with the light day of Resurrection of Jesus!

Easter – one of the holydays that irons out all borders and distinctions among people. In this day we become united because only one nation, one demos can build successful and potent state. Easter is a symbol of triumph of good over evil and a start of a new life. This holyday ascertains us that any obstacles could be overcome.

Therefore all staff of Ukrainian International Education Council sincerely congratulates you with Easter’s holydays and wishes you faith, patience and mutual understanding. Let your soul be full of goodness as a celebration feast, purity as an Easter rushnyk , and joy as Ukrainian pysanky. Let marry ringing of Easter bells bring in your home cheeriness, faith, hope and love.  Let God’s blessing bring the peace to our land, spiritual renaissance for our country, and embodiment of our sacred dreams.

The president Petro Poroshenko also congratulated whole Ukraine, the appropriate massage can be found on the president’s website.

“Today in the whole Ukraine, in every its church and temple, in Ukrainian and in other languages we glad to celebrate light holyday of Resurrection. Yet as apostle Paul wrote, “One God! One Faith! One Baptism!” However, it is also one Homeland for us as long as God and Ukraine unify us. Easter – winning of faith against despair, salvation against hopelessness, good against evil and triumph of life against death.

Through the Resurrection, Christ proved that the utmost difficulties, the hardest woes which have been chosen to fall on our fate, may be and will be vanquished! It is exceptionally important to remember in times of severe challenges.

Today we all should be as a one big family. And we have a true hope in the winning of life over death.

The war will be inevitably ended because we strive to peace and we have God and Justice on our side.”

Christ is Risen!


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