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Higher education in Ukraine starts with the successful completion of the secondary education and passing the university entrance examination. It is coordinated and supervised by the Ministry of Education and Science Ukraine.

Starting from May 2005 Ukraine has introduced important steps of the implementation of the Bologna process. It defines three cycles of the Higher Education: Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral study.

In the 2006/2007 academic years credit transfer system ECTS was implemented in all universities of Ukraine. Ukraine’s accession to the Bologna process means recognition of Ukrainian diplomas at the international labor market to ensure mobility of students and teachers, it also enables the implementation of joint educationaland scientific projects, provide access to international education and information technological resources. The use of ECTS enables students to continue their education, not only in educational institutions of the European Union, but also in U.S. and Canada.

The minimum duration of the university education that will merit a degree is four academic years for a bachelors degree program. Medical courses require longer duration, up to seven years. MSc. and Phd. programs attract additional time, from one year to five years or more, depending on the program, the course, degree pursued and student’s commitment.

Teaching language is either of the following:
*Ukrainian Language
*English Language
*Russian Language

Ukraine nationals usually study in their national languages, while foreign students have a choice of either the native language or English. This is subject to the availability of the program in English.

No IELTS or TOEFL needed for admission

Foreign students that opt to study in Ukrainian or Russian languagepass a one year preparatory language course, during which they study language and preparatory courses related to their future discipline.
Sometimes students go through a pre-Medical/pre-Engineering program as well, depending on the speciality and international recommendations set by the Government bodies of their countries.
On graduation, they receive an additional certificate of proficiency for the language, which compensates for the additional year. Students studying in English language skip this preparatory stage, but study the language as an independent course as part of their academic program.

Academic resumption date for foreign students depends on the chosen language of studies. If a student wants to study in English language, then it is inevitable that he/she arrives early enough to be ready for academic activities. However, students who prefer to go through the language learning program are allowed to arrive later, to start their language classes.

Foreign students must follow the same regulations and guidelines as Ukrainian students. The only additional condition is that foreign students are expected to legalize their certificates with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, on graduation. This confirms that the certificate was actually issued from a bonafide and accredited Ukrainian university. Failure to do this might put the certificate under additional scrutiny, and in some cases, rejected or invalidated when tendered.

Unlike many other European countries higher education in Ukraine is comparatively inexpensive. As a young sovereign nation, Ukraine is socially stable, with warm hospitality to foreigners.


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