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 ... One of the first universities in Europe was founded in Ukraine

The Kyiv-Mohyla Academy is one of the oldest and the most distinguished academic and theological schools in Eastern Europe. It was established in 1632 by Petro Mohyla, a Metropolitan of Kiev and Galicia. It played an important role in transmitting Renaissance ideals from Western Europe through Poland to Ukraine and Russia.

... Ukraine owns a 1/4 part of black earth soil of the world

Ukraine has extremely fertile black soils in the central and southern portions, totaling more than a half of the territory. According to the estimates, arable land is 56%, permanent crops: 2%, meadows and pastures: 12%, forest and woodland: 10%, other: 20%. The word Chornozem, meaning "black soil" has become internationally recognised and refers to Ukrainian soil, assumed as the most fertile.

... Ukraine is one of the countries which have founded UNO more than half of the century ago

Ukraine, with just 20 years of independent history to its name, actually participated in the foundation of the United Nations over half century ago. Ukrainian representatives participated in the drafting of the UN Statute adopted in 1945 thus qualifying as one of 51 countries to sign up as founders of the UN.

... Ukraine is one of the 5 countries - leaders in space research industry

Young independent Ukraine confidently became one of the world space states due to its space research and production potential. The enterprises of space industry gain great experience in development and production of modern launch vehicles, spacecraft, engines, control and telemeter system. New materials and technologies are being phased in, and some of them have no counterparts. Space goods and services export increases from year to year.

... Geographical center of Europe is located in Ukraine

The village of Dilove located on the Tisza River, close to the Romanian border, in the district of Rakhiv in the Transcarpathian region contains a historical marker and a large stone believed to mark the geographic centre of Europe as measured in 1887 by geographers from the Austro-Hungarian Empire. The township today is a part of Ukraine. The interpretation of the worn Latin inscription on the monument is debated, with some claiming that the marker is merely one of a number of fixed triangulation points for surveying purposes established around the territory of the former Empire. The external borders of Europe taken into account during the calculations are not known. According to the description, the methodology used for the calculation is that of the geometrical middle point of the extreme latitudes and longitudes of Europe, so the stone was located at 48Р’В°30'N 23Р’В°23'E.

... Five Ukrainian objects are included in the list of World Heritage UNESCO

They are outstanding cultural and natural values that makes the heritage of all mankind, are as follow: St. Sophia Cathedral (Kiev), Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, the ensemble of the historic center of Lviv, the Struve Geodetic Arc, virgin beech forests of the Carpathians.


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