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Studying abroad can become the most interesting experience in your life. Going to another country, living in another culture, getting education abroad in multicultural surroundings - all this is an unforgettable experience.

Welcome to Ukraine!

The Ukrainian International Education Council serves as a resource and advising center that provides informational and advising assistance to individuals and different organizations regarding opportunities to study in Ukraine.

Situated in the capital of Ukraine - Kyiv, the Ukrainian International Education Council strives to comprehensively assist in establishing and strengthening international academic contacts of the region in order to ensure its overall development and scientific potential.

Since 1999, the Ukrainian International Education Council has been dedicated to advancing professional standards for higher education in Ukraine, while expertly supporting our students through the transition from high school to university. The UIEC is certified organization with a group of dynamic and experienced management staff.

Started with the concept to help students efficiently, quickly and successfully to gain admission to top universities and to make every aspiring student’s dream come true, the Ukrainian International Education Council has developed a strict set of ethical guidelines that govern the actions in relationships with students and families, with academies, universities and colleges. These guidelines include the responsibility to understand every student’s special strengths, values and needs. All members of the Ukrainian International Education Council strictly follow these principles of good practice.

Our mission is to offer students the expert guidance in order to obtain excellent knowledge and skills to be successful at the international job market.

Whatever your reason to study abroad is, we are sure that your decision will be the best choice of your life!


COVID-19 pandemic 
Entry rules of foreign nationals to Ukraine for education purpose:

1. Before arriving in Ukraine for study, a foreign citizen must confirm which zone his/her country belongs to. 

Countries are divided into RED and GREEN zones.

The list of countries with a significant spread of COVID-19 is formed by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine and reviewed every seven days.   

Position of country according to "RED ZONE" and "GREEN ZONE" shall be taken to account at the time of entrance in Ukraine, not at the departure of foreign national from his/her country;


Countries with a significant spread of COVID-19 belong to the RED ZONE.  

If a foreign citizen arrives from a country that belongs to the RED ZONE, he/she will have to be self-isolated for 14 days.  

A person can be free from self-isolation in Ukraine in case he/she presents a negative test result for Covid-19 by PCR, which was passed no later than 48 hours before crossing the Ukrainian border (from an authorised laboratory).


the algorithm was developed on the basis of the resolution of the cabinet of ministers of ukraine no. 392 (as amended) dated 20.05.2020.


  1. Before departure, an applicant / senior student must purchase a COVID-19 insurance policy from insurance companies registered in Ukraine.
  2. When crossing the state border of Ukraine, the applicant / senior student must download the “Dii vdoma” application to the phone. When filling in the declaration, you must indicate the number of the Ukrainian mobile operator and the exact address of the place of self-isolation.

    NB !!! The application works exclusively on Ukrainian mobile operators. Therefore, an applicant / senior student must contact the person who helped to draw up the documents in order to purchase a starter package from a Ukrainian operator and provide the number.

  3. The applicant / senior student is given 24 hours to arrive at the place of self-isolation.
  4. Self-isolation lasts 14 days. It is controlled by the “Dii vdoma” program (ID photos, geotags, test calls and police visits).
  5. There is an algorithm for early termination of self-isolation, if a person makes a PCR test.
  • the test must be done only in certified laboratories or get the information from persons who helped to draw up the documents); the price is about 60 up to 200 Euros.
  • when filling in the data for the PCR test in the laboratory, the applicant / senior student must present a passport and a phone number on which the “Dii vdoma” application is installed.
  • In case of a negative result, the laboratory itself sends the results to the “Dii vdoma” program and the program grants permission for early termination of self-isolation.

NB !!! Self-isolation MUST NOT be terminated before receiving permission from the “Dii vdoma” program.


Forign citizens arriving from "GREEN ZONE" countries will not be required to undergo self-isolation. All such citizens could stay in our country only if they have a Health Insurance Certificate covering COVID-19 treatment and observation. The insurance policy must be issued by a company registered in Ukraine.

NB !!! The citizens of RED ZONE countries who have not been on the territory of those states over the past 21 days are also not required to undergo observation.


2. Every foreign citizen need to provide additionally
  • Health insurance policy (certificate) issued by an insurance company registered in Ukraine or a foreign insurance company that has a representative office in Ukraine or contractual connections with a partner insurance company in Ukraine (assistance) and that covers the costs associated with treatment of COVID-19, observation, and that will be valid during the period of stay in Ukraine.
  • Sufficient financial security.To confirm their financial status, the foreign citizen must have cash or a bank card with a bank statement on the availability of the sufficient amount in the account (minimum – 1800 Euro or 2000 USD).

3. Meeting at the airport

The foreign citizen must inform the UIEC team in advance (at least 5 days prior to the flight) about the date and time of their arrival, as well as their flight number.

The Ukrainian International education Council make the arrangements : 

  • to execute an official letter and deliver it to the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine; 
  • appoint a responsible person to meet the foreign citizen;




Education in Ukraine

Ukrainian International Education Council

During all historical periods, human progress depended a lot on well-educated people. We receive our knowledge about the world and life through the knowledge about what surrounds us and about our nature. Many famous discoveries would have been impossible if people were not interested in learning something, if they didn’t care for getting knowledge.

In our time, every person has breadth of mind and realizes his or her role in society. Getting knowledge, learning to apply it in life, and becoming an educated person is the task of each of us.

However, it is even more important to find your own way. Only then you will be able to achieve what you have dreamed of and to be satisfied by what you do. Our future life depends largely on the cornerstones we lay now.

Education is the foundation of an independent, successful and happy person, since with its help people enrich their intellect, reveal innate abilities, constantly learn something new, develop themselves and improve, connect to progress, and feel the rhythm of the world and modern time.

Therefore, we strive to help people find their place and create a better future for everyone, through the general orientation of the educational policy of the Ukrainian state, which is successfully implemented by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.

Find your place in order to choose the right path to follow in this world!

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